By TTF Intern Mia Murray

Hello, my name is Mia Murray, and I am a new intern here at TTF. I started in the middle of May, and it’s been very informational and intriguing.

I have other interests such as listening to music, walking, bike riding, learning about a new topic and cooking. I am extremely curious about everything. Gaining knowledge has become a new liking of mine. I love to read up on literature — my favorite is Greek Mythology. I’m hoping to take a course when I attend college next year. This summer I will be taking part in Community College’s summer program for high school students. When I complete high school I want to go into Physical and massage therapy, and one day own my own spa/ rehabilitation center.IMG_1373


I attend El Centro de Estudiantes — as part of their school program I needed to obtain an internship. While looking for potential opportunities, I came across the TTF website. TTF is committed to educating and engaging local communities in keeping the watershed healthy by organizing social events that appeal to its communities. I had previous knowledge of watersheds from an environmental science course I took, so I immediately was drawn to this organization. I’ve always had a fascination with the environment and all of its beauty and diversity. There are so many wonderful hidden wonders just waiting to be discovered.



I set up an informational interview with Robin Irizarry, the Philadelphia Watershed Coordinator and Julie Slavet, the Executive Director who further enlightened me on their practices. I found their work to be most exciting. One program that really caught my eye was the bird watching event that took place in April! I reviewed a booklet describing various birds that would be seen and information on Tacony Creek Park. TTF has a special focus on restoring the park to its natural state. I saw how involved this organization is with its communities. I thought it was cool that the events are different but send a positive message about the watershed. So, I said: “When can I start?”

Watch for Mia’s next blog here! Look here for information about interning with TTF.

About Julie

Julie Slavet is TTF's Executive Director. She has over 20 years of experience in community affairs, program development, and personnel management. Julie earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Smith College and an M.S. in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts. Julie has served as an Advisor to the Jenkintown Community Alliance and a Director of the Montgomery County Democratic Women’s Leadership Initiative. Contact Julie at 215.844.8100 or


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