Tackling Trash around Tacony Creek Park: a Closer Look — 2 Comments

  1. Sooooo, can you get the obviously need trash receptacles?
    Does this report go to council people along with requests for do not litter signs and trash receptacles.?

  2. Hi Kim, Robin Irizarry here from the TTF Trash Task Force. Beyond setting out trash cans, the larger issue is the ability to maintain them long term. One of the problems associated with the trash cans that were there before was that they were being used by neighbors to unload household trash before the scheduled pickup day. This would lead to overflowing trashcans, which still leaves us with trash blowing all over the place.

    The Trash Task Force is doing this kind of monitoring and data collecting so that we have sufficient evidence to make a case for additional trash support from the City. In this regard we are communicating with City Council about what we are finding. We testified earlier this year about new trash legislation, citing the observations we have made through this study with Temple.

    The next element of the work we are doing is engaging residents, shoppers and commuters about why this is an important issue and what is happening to our creek because of it. If you’d like to learn more and become involved in these efforts feel free to contact me, , and sign-up for our e-newsletter to stay up to date with more Task Force happenings.


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