Old Whitaker Mill: Articles & Artifacts along the Tacony Creek — 10 Comments

  1. Great article because it summarizes so much history of our area and links it to the efforts to preserve this watershed for the future! Thanks for your work!

  2. Thanks for the article Robin! Enjoyed learning about the Whitaker Mills and the historical account of its operation so close to home!

  3. My Grandfather came to this country from Scotland around 1890. He worked in the mill and eventually bought a row home on Westford Rd., just off Olney ave. The houses across the street from the mill housed the workers. I remember visiting there when I was little. The rooms looked small and dark to me then. All were painted white. (Obviously I wasn’t with him–haha!) I know he was proud of his job at the mill. He kept the books.

  4. The pictursque houses along Tabor Road were the Mill houses, where some of the workers lived. The end house, shown in the photo was the forman’s house. In the the now overgrown lot on the side closest to Adams Ave. was an ice house patialy sunken into the ground, and a clay tennis court. My grandfather, mentioned in the comment above by my sister, traveled up from Frankford in a boat to work inthe mill. When I was a kid there was still a swimming hole near rthe mill, and a nother near an island in the creek. In the the style of 19th Century industrialists, The Wittkers lived in a mansion at the top of the hill near Adams Avenue.

  5. Thank you Alexander, it’s really great to hear personal family accounts like that. And the fact that people could commute by boat up the creek is pretty fascinating! Much appreciated. -Robin

  6. Thank you for all information,we lived in center of block when fire broke out,the fireman came through our house,this is the only site that gave very accurate information about the mill, and neighborhood, thanks again.

  7. Gina, thank you so much! We’re really glad this article was useful to you, and that you enjoyed reading it!

  8. Wow. I live here on 49 bloock of whitaker since 1999..i had and old neighbor name toby and roslyn .they told me that here before they build the row homes ,this was a dump site .ill love to see more old photos ..thanks for the website

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