Remembering the Wingohocking — 2 Comments

  1. Brilliant work, great idea. I grew up on 4500 Carlisle Street where it intersected with Wingohocking. We used to ride our bikes from there to Tookany Creek as an adventure, as if we had gotten away from our concrete and asphalt childhood and found where the wild things are. This whole wide landscape was the territory we roamed. First on bikes and in cars. I had moved far away by the time the houses subsided and was shocked to learn so much was going on under my feet without anyone ever seeming to know such things.

  2. John, that’s a great story – thanks for telling us that! It’s great that you grew up with that kind of relationship to the creek. At TTF we really want to help build that kind of relationship to the creek and the park so that more of the next generation have stories like yours.

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