Get Involved

Get Involved

TTF provides watershed education and implements beautification, stormwater management, and restoration projects. We want to work with you — as a resident, community organization, school, or business — to build watershed awareness, participation, and stewardship through workshops, lessons, tours, field trips, volunteer activities, and projects. We welcome individual and group volunteers at all of our events! Please contact us to get involved!

Educational Programs

Stormwater Management & Watershed Stewardship Lessons
Do you want your employees or students to better understand how they can positively impact water quality? Participants will learn the definition of a watershed, how the water cycle works, and how individuals, businesses, and schools can make a difference in the health of our waterways.

Improvement Programs

Tree Surveying & Planting
TTF is working with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to plant more trees to increase tree canopy! You can help us canvass targeted neighborhoods to identify tree pits or help plant street trees. Would you like to become a PHS Tree Tender in our watershed? We can work with you to join an existing Tree Tender group or start one on your own!

Thank You!Neighborhood & Stream Cleanups
Litter blights neighborhoods, hurts local businesses and community morale, and degrades water quality. Cleanups engage participants and improve community health and pride. Join us to turn the tide against litter! Organize a cleanup on your block, at your business, or in your park.

Storm Drain Marking
Did you know that storm drains on the street lead directly to our creeks? Chip bags, candy wrappers, gum, and cigarette butts thrown onto the sidewalk or street ultimately make their way through the storm drain system and into the creek. During rain, polluted water from our streets floods our waterways. Help us fight water pollution by gluing signs onto storm drains that warn: “Yo! No Dumping! Drains to River.”

Rain Gardens & Riparian Buffers

TTF installs native plants, rain gardens and riparian buffers to absorb and filter water and provide wildlife habitat. Join us to help remove invasive plants, plant native species, and care for completed projects. Learn about our restoration projects here.

Mussel Surveying
Work with TTF and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary to identify freshwater mussels in the creek. Mussel beds provide valuable natural benefits, such as strengthening streambeds against erosion, filtering water, and providing food for animals and plants. Volunteer to help scientists monitor these threatened animals.