Help Plant more Trees in Pennsylvania

Julie Slavet
May 24, 2010

Help Pennsylvania receive money to plant trees by going to and voting for Pennsylvania.

Beginning May 25, Pennsylvania will be competing with the 49 other states in the “Plant a Tree” campaign sponsored by Odwalla fruit juices. Citizens across the nation will be asked to go to the Odwalla website,, and vote for their favorite state to have a tree planted. Odwalla is dedicating $200,000 in trees for this campaign. Each vote will count as a dollar, and once all $200,000 are allotted, the campaign will end. The number of votes a state gets will equal the number of dollars it receives to plant trees within state parks. Please help Pennsylvania become the top vote-getter. Log on early as votes will go fast. It costs nothing to participate and takes only a few seconds to vote for Pennsylvania.

Here are ten great reasons to plant more trees!

1. Trees help purify the air we breathe by absorbing pollutants.
2. Trees increase property values and improve the tax base in communities.
3. Trees improve neighborhood appeal, attracting businesses, shoppers, and homeowners.
4. Trees cool our cities and towns by reducing heat generated by buildings and paved surfaces.
5. Tree shade, properly placed, can save an average household up to $250 annually in energy costs.
6. Trees reduce the amount of pollutants in sewer systems, saving communities millions of dollars in water treatment costs.
7. Trees soften harsh building lines and large expanses of pavement, making urban environments much more pleasant.
8. Trees provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, maintaining a balance with nature even in urban areas.
9. Trees reduce the amount of water-borne pollutants that reach streams and rivers.
10.Trees reduce levels of domestic violence and foster safer, more sociable neighborhood environments.

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