30 Days to Cleaner Streets Update — Week 3

Julie Slavet
Nov 22, 2010

We’re 22 days into November and our 30 Days to Cleaner Streets campaign is moving along fabulously!

30 Days to Cleaner Streets 11/2010 24

This week, we had our most bizarre piece of litter for the whole month. Albert found William Shatner’s “The Transformational Man” CD on 2nd and Girard. While I certainly understand why someone might not want to keep that, next time I hope he or she will decide to recycle it ethically instead.

Also, this week we had our first piece of trash that was reclaimed instead of trashed or recycled. Dave found a plastic license plate holder on Jenkintown and Easton Roads in Glenside. He kept it and is considering using it for a picture frame. What an awesome idea!

With just one week left in our campaign, let’s see if anyone can beat William Shatner when it comes to strange trash! Thanks again to everyone who is helping us keep our streets a little cleaner this month!

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