Vote for Philadelphia Parks and Rec!

Julie Slavet
Dec 16, 2010

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has applied for a grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project to promote outdoor recreation in the city. The proposal has been accepted and now they need your vote! The $250,000 grant proposal is part of a strategy to get city kids outside, having fun, exploring parks, and challenging themselves physically.

Parks and Rec is asking everyone to vote EVERY DAY in DECEMBER for their Outdoor Recreation proposal. You can vote here. You can vote once a day. Please try to remember to vote as often as possible and share this email with your own lists. If you cannot access the page directly, visit and click on the $250,000 category. Look for the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation proposal and VOTE!

With this grant, Parks and Rec will be able to:

1. Build thee new neighborhood skate parks and conduct skateboard competitions
2. Conduct a six-week outdoor adventure experience for 250 youth during summer 2011
3. Conduct a series of youth races (running, triathlon, etc.) in various sections of Fairmount Park
4. Purchase a van to transport youth to outdoor events

Only two $250,000 grants will be awarded (out of 308 proposals), so they need everyone’s vote!

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