Erin Brockovich: The Movie

Julie Slavet
Mar 7, 2011

When I heard that the real Erin Brockovich was going to be speaking in Washington, D.C., my first response was “How do I get to Washington? I want to meet her!” The real Brockovich, although perhaps not Julia Roberts, must be a fireball. She’s a hero of mine who proves that you don’t necessarily need book smarts to make a difference in this world. I just wonder… since Brockovich’s law suit was in the late 80s… how far has environmental law come since then? I hear that corporations are more careful now, perhaps not about their waste treatment but about how they cover up their tracks. Unfortunately, I don’t think this one law suit is enough; we need to take this as an inspiration for many more. People shouldn’t be afraid of big corporations because if you have enough manpower (or in this case, womanpower) you can accomplish big things. What Pacific Gas & Electric did with their hexavalent chromium is inexcusable, but how many corporations are doing similar things without prosecution? How many other dangerous chemicals like this are being disposed of without the public’s knowledge or with given misinformation about similar chemicals? I can’t help but think of hydraulic fracking when I think of the hexavalent chromium issue here. PG&E told Hinkley residents about the chromium, which is better than any fracking company tells anyone. But they told them about the wrong chromium. Who’s to say that fracking companies will tell us the truth? Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. I just want them to start talking. Also: maybe someday they’ll make a movie about our friend Iris Marie Bloo and what she’s done against fracking. Maybe they’ll even get Julia Roberts! As for the real Erin Brockovich–I didn’t get to Washington. For now I’ll just settle for the movie.

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