TTF’s Awesome Interns Package Seeds

Julie Slavet
Nov 2, 2011

TTF’s fabulous interns, Damian VanHart and Lauren Suchenski, are hard at work! These Arcadia University students are part of an ongoing partnership between Arcadia and TTF.

TTF's interns, Damian VanHart and Lauren Suchenski hard at work

Damian VanHart started today and enjoys working in an office that has ample views of the trees gracing Awbury Arboretum’s property. Having volunteered with TTF in the past, he likes learning new things about our watershed. Damian’s major is Interdisciplinary Science with a Chemistry emphasis.

This is Lauren’s second semester as an intern at TTF. We love to have her sunny personality in our office. She’s glad to be back planting trees and working with the TTF staff. Lauren is majoring in Religion with a minor in Theatre.

ERNST Seeds recently donated Black-eyed Susan seeds for us to package and distribute to guests at our upcoming events.  Native plants like these help absorb and filter rainwater, reducing flooding and pollution in our area. Lauren and Damian are packaging these seeds in newspaper origami packets.  We’ll share these seed packets as a way to educate and encourage community members to improve their watershed.

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