Olney Rec Center: Looking Forward to a Rain Garden!

Julie Slavet
May 22, 2012

Do you know if there are plans to build a rain garden near you? If you live near the Olney Recreation Center in Philadelphia, there are!

The Olney Recreation Center will become a home to a new rain garden this summer! A rain garden is a native plant installation that absorbs and filters water and provides wildlife habitat. It is a shallow depression that can be planted with a wide variety of flowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs. Rain gardens provide: cleaner water, attractive gardens with colorful flowers, habitat and food for wildlife, and a reduction in rainwater runoff. They can also serve as outdoor classrooms where children can learn about plants, animals, and rainwater. Learn more about rain gardens here.

TTF is leading this rain garden community outreach and installation effort, which is funded by the Philadelphia Water Department. The garden is being designed and installed by AKRF.

Community members attended a meeting recently to learn about TTF, PWD’s Green City, Clean Waters plan, AKRF, and our plans to work together on this rain garden installation. After a vote, it was clear that the neighbors are in favor of a “formal” garden style for the rain garden. This means that the flowers will be arranged in clusters separated by mulch.

To learn more about this project, contact Steph at steph@ttfwatershed.org or 215-844-8100. Stay tuned for more details as this project progresses!

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