Introducing the new Germantown Tree Tenders!

Julie Slavet
Jun 6, 2012

Over the next year, our new VISTA Abby will be working with TTF and the Germantown Tree Tenders group to plant and tend trees in Philadelphia. We are pleased and proud to announce that she is now an official Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Tree Tender! After three weeks of classes on tree biology, urban stresses, proper tree planting, tree care and pruning, tree identification, and working with volunteers, she learned the best ways to take care of trees. If you’re interested in becoming a Tree Tender, click here.

The Tree Tender group in our area, formerly known as the Wingohocking Tree Tenders, is now Germantown Tree Tenders! TTF created this group to help address Philadelphia’s declining tree population and a growing demand for street trees.

Tree Planting -- Young VolunteerA young volunteer helps to plant a new tree in Germantown.

In early May, the Germantown Tree Tenders met to discuss what they’d like to see in the community, leadership roles, and street tree applications. The group included Paulette Bailey from Senator Washington’s office and Pat Tisdale from Representative John Myers’ office, Matt Wysong from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Sloane Folks and Cornelia Swinson from the Germantown Restoration CDC, Grace Asperin from PHS, and community members Julie Baranauskas and Mumina Dolores Jones.

The Germantown Tree Tenders have planted dozens of trees to date and are looking forward to planting a tree at YOUR house! We are looking for community members to take on leadership roles in the group. If you’re interested in learning more, please email!

To learn more about the benefits of trees, click here.



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