PHS, TTF and Montgomery County Environmentalists Meet to Discuss Trees!

Julie Slavet
Jun 13, 2012

Last Monday evening, representatives from TTF, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), Abington Township, Abington Environmental Advisory Council, Abington Shade Tree Commission , Cheltenham Township, Cheltenham Environmental Advisory Council, and Friends of Grove Park met to share information and network about PHS’s many tree planting projects.

PHS’s Emma Melvin and Barley Van Clief gave a detailed presentation about projects and trainings such as TreeVitalize, TreePhilly, Plant One Million, and Tree Tenders.

Cedarbrook Planting -- To Be PlantedColorful trees ready to be planted in our riparian buffer at Cedarbrook Middle School in Cheltenham.

TTF would like to thank Bryan Havir for hosting the meeting, as well as our board members Bryan, Susan Myerov, Scott Marlin, and Emma Melvin for their support.

With our partners, TTF plants trees to absorb and filter stormwater. In Montgomery County, we typically plant trees as part of riparian buffer projects. (See our projects at Glenside Elementary School and Cedarbrook Middle School. We are currently working on a riparian buffer project at Abington Jr. High School.) In Philadelphia, we work with the Germantown Tree Tenders to address declining tree canopy and a growing demand for street trees. To learn more about TTF and trees, please click here. To get involved with the Germantown Tree Tenders  please contact Abby at or 215-844-8100.


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