Touring the Wissinoming Urban Forest

Julie Slavet
Jul 3, 2012

What’s your definition of a forest? A simple answer is any place with a great variety of trees living in harmony together. If you’re looking for a forest in the city, try Wissinoming Park on Frankford Avenue!

The Wissinoming Park Recreation Center opened on Monday afternoon for a tour of the park led by David Hewitt, botanist and tree lover, and Tony Gordon, local tree enthusiast. The two of them led a group of twenty or so community members, including TTF staff.

David, in red, preps the group for the tour.David, in red, prepares to lead the group into the “forest.”

The park is home to many trees and tree species including red maple, gingko, elm, silver beech, London planetree, white oak, sweet gum, ash, false cedar, horse chestnut, and hickory. To see photos of many of these trees, click here.

We spent two and a half hours wandering amongst the giants. Tony checked leaves and nuts while David talked about the defining features of trees. We learned that sometimes leftover street trees are planted in parks–and that you can tell just by looking at them!

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