Springfield Rain Barrel Workshop a Success!

Julie Slavet
Aug 6, 2012

Earlier this summer, Springfield Township residents enjoyed an interactive rain barrel workshop hosted by TTF and the Springfield Township Environmental Advisory Commission. The presentation about urban watersheds and stormwater management was followed by a lively discussion including rain barrel mishaps and success stories.

 Rain Barrel Workshop

TTF’s Steph Clymer presents at the rain barrel workshop.

But wait, what is a rain barrel? A rain barrel is a container that stores rainwater. The water can then be used to water gardens and lawns or to wash patio furniture and cars. This allows the owner to save money by using less tap water. Rain barrels also serve an environmental purpose by decreasing the impact of stormwater runoff on streams, which helps to minimize flooding and sewer overflows.

If you want a rain barrel, you can visit your local garden center to purchase one. They come in many shapes and sizes. Guests at TTF rain barrel workshops receive coupons to purchase a rain barrel at a discounted price at Primex Garden Center. Check the TTF Events calendar to find out when a workshop will be scheduled near you!

Additionally, you can check if any local neighborhood organizations make and sell rain barrels. In Abington, the Environmental Advisory Council is selling rain barrels for the bargain price of $35. Proceeds benefit Abington Township parks.

If you live in Philadelphia, you can choose to sign up with the Philadelphia Water Department to be notified about upcoming rain barrel workshops in your area. After attending one, you will be eligible to have a FREE rain barrel installed on your property!

Download the TTF rain barrel brochure here [.pdf].

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