Taking a Walk along Tacony Creek with TTF: Juniata to Cheltenham

Julie Slavet
Aug 13, 2012

Who WAS that walking along the Tacony Creek trail?

TTF staff members and friends! On August 1, we walked the length of Tacony Creek in Philadelphia, from the Juniata Golf Course to the Cheltenham Township border. It was hot and humid, but we enjoyed the walk and learned a lot from experts Rick Howley (Philadelphia Water Department), Kelly O’Day (TTF Board Member), and Ashley Schmid (TTF’s previous Director of Education and Outreach).

What did we see?

We learned about the trail, park and stream restoration efforts already implemented and other exciting new projects being planned by PWD and Parks and Recreation (PPR). We saw a variety of birds, fish, and plants living in the park as well as other beautiful natural features. In contrast, we also saw evidence of dumping and illegal ATV use. Read more about ATV use in the park in this recent news article.

Stream Restoration

PWD’s Rick Howley discusses the Tacony Creek Restoration Plan
and the impact of ATVs on the creek. 

One of the first stops along our walk was the outfall pipe where the historic Wingohocking Creek comes out from underground,  joining the Tacony Creek and forming the Frankford Creek.

Start of the Frankford CreekThe largest combined sewer overflow (which contains the historic Wingohocking Creek)
and scour pool in the City of Philadelphia, 
at the Tacony Creek.  

Why did we take this walk?

In partnership with the Philadelphia Water and Parks & Recreation departments, TTF is leading the engagement of watershed community members in educational and stewardship activities, raising awareness of watershed issues, and encouraging responsible, positive action as part of Tacony Creek trail, park and stream restoration efforts.

This walk was part of this effort, and an opportunity for outgoing TTF staff  member Ashley Schmid to share her experience working in the park with new Director of Education and Outreach Alix Howard, as well as with new TTF Board member Kelly O’Day. To learn more about Tacony Creek Park, check out this PPR site.

What is TTF planning in the Tacony Creek Park area?

TTF just completed a new rain garden at the Olney Recreation Center, right around the corner from Tacony Creek Park — watch for special activities around this new stormwater feature coming up soon! We are also working with community organizations and residents to plan and install another local rain garden in 2013. In addition, we will build upon the success of last year’s Love Your Watershed events with exciting community education events, including more of our interesting and fun nature walks. Find more information about these efforts here.

Contact us to let us know how you think we can all work together to improve Tacony Creek Park!

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