Featured Watershed Milestones Honoree: Cheltenham Township

Julie Slavet
May 8, 2013


At our second annual Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony & Reception on Wednesday, May 22, TTF will honor people, organizations, public agencies, and companies whose efforts in improving and protecting the TTF watershed deserve special recognition. Meet the featured honoree below!

TTF Watershed Municipal Leader

Cheltenham Township


TTF is proud to have Cheltenham Township as a strong municipal partner. The township has invested significant dollars as well as staff and volunteer resources to cleaning, planting, and restoring hundreds of feet of stream bank. Over a three year period, the Township and its very active EAC worked diligently to develop and adopt a Riparian Corridor Conservation Ordinance to protect the creek and its watershed. TTF strongly supported adoption of this important ordinance.

Most recently, Cheltenham became the first municipality within Montgomery County to develop a Sustainability Plan.  This plan defines ten goals, including Water Management to: minimize stormwater hazards, reduce wastewater flows, increase natural absorption of rainwater, and maximize the utility of rainwater as a resource. Cheltenham Township is to be commended for its commitment to the development of a sustainable plan through a community engagement process.

Questions about Watershed Milestones? E-mail us at info@ttfwatershed.org or call 215.844.8100.

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