Featured Watershed Milestones Honoree: Abington School District

Julie Slavet
May 9, 2013


At our second annual Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony & Reception on Wednesday, May 22, TTF will honor people, organizations, public agencies, and companies whose efforts in improving and protecting the TTF watershed deserve special recognition. Meet the featured honoree below!

Friend of the TTF Watershed

Abington School District

8510781948_d0356dc089_zTTF would like to recognize the outstanding students, faculty, and administration of the Abington School District for their enthusiastic collaboration in the successful design, implementation, and stewardship of the East Baeder Creek Riparian Buffer. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Leigh Altadonnna, Assistant Superintendent and Stephen J. Saile, Supervisor of Facilities for their inspired leadership.

In November 2012, 100 excited volunteers, most of them Abington students, planted a 16,000 square foot buffer of 500 native shrubs, trees, and flowers along the East Baeder Creek. This buffer features an interpretive sign and serves as an outdoor classroom for school students and neighbors. The Abington School District is home to the headwaters of East and West Baeder Creek, both sources of the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Creek. This buffer planting was TTF’s first in project Abington.

The Abington School District is the recipient of many awards from Money Magazine to US News and World Report. TTF is proud to join this impressive group by honoring the Abington School District for its exemplary dedication to environmental stewardship as a property owner and educator.

Questions about Watershed Milestones? E-mail us at info@ttfwatershed.org or call 215.844.8100.

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