Featured Watershed Milestones Honoree: Abington Township EAC

Julie Slavet
May 13, 2013


At our second annual Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony & Reception on Wednesday, May 22, TTF will honor people, organizations, public agencies, and companies whose efforts in improving and protecting the TTF watershed deserve special recognition. Meet our honorees below!

Friend of the TTF Watershed

Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council

AbingtonTTF honors the Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) for its outstanding ‘going-green’ watershed improvement projects. In addition to serving as a critical partner in the planting of the East Baeder Creek Riparian Buffer, the EAC has led an impressive Rain Barrel the Town program and restored a section of Sandy Run (within the Wissahickon watershed).

The Abington EAC is dedicated to going green by educating volunteers, community members, organizations, and businesses about how to improve the environment and maintain healthy green infrastructure. EAC’s seven volunteer members are committed to informing the public about how they can improve the environment in their own neighborhoods as well as surrounding areas through a variety of volunteer events.

Questions about Watershed Milestones? E-mail us at info@ttfwatershed.org or call 215.844.8100.

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