Featured Watershed Milestones Honoree: Rick Howley & Rob Armstrong

Julie Slavet
May 12, 2014

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TTF will recognize the following honorees at our third annual Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony & Reception on Wednesday, May 21!

Event tickets can be purchased here.

Rick Howley & Rob Armstrong

Award: TTF Watershed Municipal Leader

Rick of PWD & Rob of Parks & Rec
Rick & Rob at the TTF office warming party!

 Working together, the team of Rick Howley, Environmental Engineer with the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and Rob Armstong, Preservation and Capital Projects Manager with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR), has made a significant impact on improving Tacony Creek Park access and health. Rick leads PWD’s stream restoration efforts and Rob leads PPR’s trail and gateway initiative.

Rick and Rob are valuable sources of information and expertise, enabling the City to communicate effectively with park neighbors and stakeholder. As a team, they garner support for the park and ensure that stream and trail design respect both the park environment and public concerns. Their partnership demonstrates that it is critical that City agencies work together – through the land and water partnership — to make Tacony Creek Park a community and natural destination.

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