Green City Teachers Get Up Close & Personal with TTF Watershed Ed Tools

Julie Slavet
Jul 1, 2014

In late June, TTF Community Watershed Specialist Alex Cooper presented watershed education tools as part of a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) Green City Teachers workshop at Kelly Elementary School in Germantown. Educators from Germantown and Frankford Friends School, as well as teachers from New Jersey and the suburbs came to learn what PHS and TTF do best – watershed education in an urban environment.

Teachers rotated between planting trees with PHS and (getting wet) doing TTF activities. Throughout the two-day workshop, educators learned how to utilize outdoor space as a classroom. TTF ‘s activities demonstrated the plant-water-soil connections that we use to manage stormwater and create amenities for schools and neighborhoods.

PHS Green City Teachers

The PHS Green City Teachers program provides Philadelphia educators with the skills to integrate horticultural and environmental education into curricula, after-school programs, and service-learning projects. TTF informed folks about our service-learning opportunities including storm drain marking, mussel surveying, and water quality monitoring.

To learn about upcoming opportunities at TTF, contact or For information on the Green City Teachers Program, contact Sally McCabe of PHS at

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