PowerCorps PHL + TTF = cleaner Tacony Creek Park

Robin Irizarry
Jan 2, 2015

TTF was joined by PowerCorps PHL recently to clean up around some outfalls in Tacony Creek Park. Working together, we picked up a total of 14 bags of trash at 4 outfalls between Roosevelt Boulevard and Adams Avenue.

These outfalls are the ends of large pipes that make us Philadelphia’s combined sewer system. In 60% of our city, rain water washes into the sewer lines below through curbside storm drains. The rain mixes with household sewage, which is then carried through pipes to a sewage treatment facility.B3y9ISUIIAESddn

The water is treated before being flowing into the Delaware River. Sometimes, during heavier rain storms, these pipes are unable to handle the volume of water going into the system. This excess water discharges directly into our creeks, streams and rivers, flowing out of these stormwater outfalls.

Unfortunately, trash going into our city’s storm drains can also end up floating into our creek through these outfalls. The debris and trash that flows out of these pipes often gets stuck on rocks and trees along creek banks, where it impacts the quality of the water and wildlife habitat.  It also detracts from the beauty of the creek and park, and creates a safety concern for park visitors.


TTF works with partners like Power Corps to conduct frequent park cleanups in the park…but the real battle needs to begins at the source. Keeping trash off our the streets and out of storm drains is the best way to make sure it doesn’t end up in our creek!

If you’d like to help us keep our watershed clean, volunteer with us at our many events, cleaning up the park or marking stormdrains with ‘No Dumping, Drains to River’ decals.


Contact robin@ttfwatershed.org to get involved.

If you’d like to know more about the exciting ways Philadelphia is addressing its combined sewer overflow issues, check out www.phillywatersheds.org.

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