Wyncote Audubon Society Donates Binoculars to TTF

Julie Slavet
Feb 24, 2015

A recent generous donation by the Wyncote Audubon Society of twelve pairs of binoculars will improve the experience of our avid Tacony Creek Park birdwatchers.



In January, TTF staff Julie Slavet (Executive Director), Robin Irizarry (Philadelphia Watershed Coordinator) and Doryan DeAngel (Community Watershed Leader) along with young neighbor Reinaldo Rentas attended the monthly meeting of the Wyncote Audubon Society at the Plymouth Friends Meeting House. Wyncote Audubon President Leigh Altadonna, Scholarship Chair Peter Burns and Rick White presented the binoculars, valued at $500, to TTF.

These binoculars were originally purchased for Pam Seretny’s Environmental Science class at Philadelphia Mennonite H.S. (now City School). Pam was Rick’s beloved wife who passed away in 2011. She served on the Wyncote Audubon Society Board, was Education Chair, and was an educator and artist.

We have not been able to provide attendees of our regular nature and bird walks, which take place monthly during the week and regularly on Saturdays, with binoculars. This gift will make a real difference to our nature lovers both in our Tacony Creek Park neighborhoods and upstream communities. Bird watchers — young and old — will enjoy an enhanced experience due to this thoughtful contribution. We are touched by this meaningful donation and will cherish and use these binoculars well!

Visit our Tacony Creek Park page for upcoming bird and nature walks!

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