Sankofa Freedom Academy intern: Thank you, TTF!

Julie Slavet
Apr 14, 2015

By TTF Intern Deja Rawls

I can’t believe my 7 weeks of internship are already over! It’s back to school for me, with only 10 weeks of school left until my graduation from Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School. I can’t say I am ready to hit the books again, but I can say I am excited about graduating and moving on to a new start and higher education at a four-year college.


My time here at TTF has flown by, and I am so thankful for everything this wonderful team has taught and introduced me to over these 7 weeks. I loved coming here. I explored and learned more about creatures that live in the watershed. I identified the feet, feathers, and nests of birds. To strengthen my understanding of pollution for my senior exhibition project, I was introduced to the issue of runoff, and the workings of sump pumps and the stormwater collection system. This knowledge will help me with my project.

I have been lucky enough to explore many different aspects of pollution due to TTF. Now I can honestly say: my internship at TTF Watershed has definitely fulfilled and met the needs of its purpose and I am very thankful for this opportunity. Thank you for all of your help!

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