World Mission Society brings love to Tacony Creek Park

Julie Slavet
Jun 25, 2015

Guest Blog by Allora Livingston, World Mission Society Church of God

On the sunny Sunday morning of June 13, The World Mission Society Church of God partnered for the first time with TTF to clean up Tacony Creek Park and canvass for the upcoming Block Parties. As we pulled up to the park, we saw two bright faces standing underneath a blue canopy: it was Doryan, Community Watershed Leader and Robin, Philadelphia Watershed Coordinator!

We began our orientation underneath a huge tree located at the entrance of the Park. The tree acted as a large canopy to shade our 26 members who were eager to get started. We were divided into three groups: Canvassers, Trash Cleanup and Garden Restoration. To start the excitement of the day, we broke off into our teams with loud cheers of encouragement.
Canvassing team

After a few hours, all of the teams combined so that we could clean up the passage underneath the Whitaker Avenue bridge, as was the most heavily littered area of the Creek. The members knew that if we combined, we would accomplish this part of the cleanup more efficiently, and so, with The united heart and mind of our Heavenly Mother, we worked diligently and finished that part of the cleanup within one hour!

During the orientation and throughout the day, Doryan explained to us the effect of trash and pollution on the creek that eventually trickles down to one of our main drinking water sources, the Delaware River. TTF is dedicated to improving the health and vitality of our watershed so that ‘clean water’ as opposed to ‘dirty water’ would become the lasting result.
lifting up the hill

The members are so excited to relate this ‘clean water’ movement to the ‘Water of Life’ that our Heavenly Mother pours out to all of Her children throughout the world. So we share that in common! a united effort to ensure that all source of water stays ‘clean water’.

THANK YOU!! for sharing your time and passion with us. We had the BEST time together! And just as the cheer said, WE LOVE U!

More photos here.

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