Meet Le’ah: Arcadia University Senior & TTF’s newest intern!

Julie Slavet
Sep 27, 2015

By TTF Intern Le’ah McCray

I’m Le’ah, the latest addition to the TTF fall intern team. Currently, I am a senior at Arcadia University with a major in International Studies, concentrating on Sustainable Development.
Le’ah and Doryan, Community Watershed Leader, talk watersheds at the Juniata Fest.
I’m very interested in the preservation of the environment as a whole. During the summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy focusing on marine preservation of the Mediterranean Sea. Though I was really interested in the environment prior to that trip, studying the Mediterranean firsthand sparked a passion for learning about and protecting our Earth. My focus is on the importance of sustainable efforts, and how these can relate to all aspects of life, from the food we consume to our health to the economy.
I found out about TTF through Arcadia’s Community and Civic Engagement Center. I wanted to work with an organization that focused on the environment in conjunction with the community. TTF is just that, as a team that advocates for the health and restoration of our watershed and educates the community about what each of us can do to contribute to its cleanliness. TTF allows me the opportunity to be hands-on, and see all the theory I’ve learned about in the classroom, in practice. I’m very excited to be a new member of the TTF team!

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