Meet TTF Intern John Burton!

Julie Slavet
Aug 10, 2016

By John Henry Burton II, Mansfield University, watershed management major

Photo of TTF intern John Burton.I got involved with TTF by reaching out to them after seeing their website. The community outreach programs they have really caught my attention.

I have been involved with many community service projects during my years at Mansfield University. I’ve held many community events which the student body came out to enjoy.

I’m passionate about the preservation of finite resources or vital components that the world may ultimately take for granted. I’m passionate about helping others, community service, contributing back to less fortunate people and communities, and standing up for the “little guy”. I enjoy video games, thinking of solutions to the problems that surround us in everyday life, and spending quality time with friends and family. My goals for the future are to be working in my field and eventually branch out to something more beneficial to human kind. I ultimately want to make life a little easier for others who put their best foot forward when they wake up every day.

During my time at TTF I’ve learned about methods used to protect a watershed, and about the different watersheds that surround Philadelphia. Although I’m interested in many aspects of the work TTF does, I’m most passionate about TTF’s community outreach programs and the many ways in which they engage the local community in watershed education and protection.

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