Volunteers to the Rescue: Thank you, WGL Energy and Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Emilie Wetzel
Jul 6, 2017

Blog by Frankie Lazauskas, Upstream Conservation Leader

It’s been a busy past few months here at TTF! We’ve had a couple of groups of volunteers come out to some of our restoration projects to help us keep these sites free from invasive plants so that our native plantings can thrive.

On May 6th, a group of 12 volunteers from the Abington Environmental Advisory Council, Washington Gas Energy Services, Power Corps Philadelphia, and students from the Abington School District joined us at Abington Junior High School. They added trees to our existing riparian buffer project at this site, courtesy of the Carbon Fund. This project, which was started in 2012, sits along the east branch of Baeder Creek, a headwater stream of Jenkintown and Tookany Creeks.


During the day, volunteers planted 70 trees and shrubs. These trees will increase the canopy cover along the creek, and stabilize the heavily eroded stream banks. Plant species such as serviceberry, blackgum, hornbeam, redbud, silky dogwood, and arrowwood viburnum were chosen specifically to accommodate these wet, steep conditions. The volunteers worked diligently and finished planting all trees and shrubs with time to repair deer fencing as well! It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain restoration sites like this, so we are very grateful for their hard work!


About a month later on June 16, volunteers from PHLY Insurance helped us maintain our riparian buffer project at Ethel Jordan Park. The volunteers endured a hot and humid day as they removed vines such as invasive porcelain berry and wild grape, which were seriously damaging the fencing. After three hours of hard work, these 16 enthusiastic volunteers had removed a massive pile of invasive plant material and had fixed all of the fencing that had been damaged.

The work of these volunteers will allow the 250+ native trees and shrubs we’ve planted along the creek bank to have more space to grow, which will improve wildlife habitat and filtration of runoff that this restoration project is designed to provide.

Photos from Abington Junior High and photos from Ethel Jordan Park.

The success of our restoration projects depends on hard working volunteers like these teams! If you would like to volunteer to help maintain our creek-side plantings, contact Frankie at frankie@ttfwatershed.org or 215-744-1853.

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