Welcome Donvontae, new Trail Ambassador

Emilie Wetzel
Oct 3, 2017

Guest blog by Donvontae Smith

Hi I’m Donvontae Smith and I’m TTF’s new Trail Ambassador!

I’m excited about being able to work with TTF because I’m getting a lot of hands-on experience by working on the Tacony Creek Park trail, and I am giving back to the city of Philadelphia in a positive way. It is a different experience than I’m used to, and the amount of knowledge I can obtain from this position is limitless. This six month fellowship will make a big impact on my life and my future. In the month that I’ve been with TTF, I’ve learned a lot about the history of the trail and also about our partners that help keep TTF going.

A little about me: in my spare time, I enjoy being in the park with my family and friends, so it’s extra important to me to do all that I can to help maintain the trails and parkways. Looking to the future, I hope to go back to school, and at some point, come back to working for the city.

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