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Emilie Wetzel
Dec 26, 2017

Blog by TTF intern, Bryan Porten-Willson


Hi, I’m Bryan Porten-Willson, and I recently became an intern for TTF!

My interest in TTF started when I began exploring ways to get into environmentalism. I had always been interested in the environment, but when I was young I never asked my parents about such topics. Neither of my parents had studied the hard sciences, and therefore had a limited grasp of how earth’s materials, elements, and creatures interacted. As a result, my curiosities about the great outdoors remained mainly unanswered until I got older and started studying for myself.


Eventually, after having tested out and shifted away from my initial field of study, I gained knowledge about the world’s natural processes to feel confident enough to pursue formal involvement in the area of environmentalism, which is roughly when I found out about TTF through its website, and decided to reach out to the organization.

My initial focus was biology, and I was studying to become a doctor, but a huge amount of what I studied is pertinent to environmentalism as well, since the life sciences are so closely linked. In addition to my education, I also have had some involvement with gardening and recycling, and in my teenage years I worked as a counselor for a camp that once-a-week visited a nature center/horse-farm. These have all been pleasant experiences.

For the most part, I’m just really passionate about making the world a better place, and so naturally I find environmental work to be a very good outlet. But when I need to relax or unwind, I also enjoy getting exercise, eating healthful foods, reading, spending time with friends and family, and playing games on my phone or console.

So far I’ve learned a lot through TTF, and I know I will only learn more. Particularly, I enjoy learning about the roles of different species in the ecosystem, and how those roles change over time. As a former biology major, I gravitate towards the organic parts of the environment rather than the rocks and minerals and geographic formations, but I’m trying to build an understanding and appreciation of how everything fits together.

One of my favorite things about TTF and similar environmental groups is that everyone is open to sharing thoughts and knowledge, and playing both teacher and student when necessary to maximize collaboration!

Check out Bryan’s blog about our new rain garden along the Jenkintown Creek in Abington.

Watch for more information about Bryan’s projects with us. Sound like an internship with TTF would be fun and productive for you? We always welcome interns! Learn more here and contact Doryan@ttfwatershed.org.

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