Meet Katie, our new Arcadia University intern

Emilie Wetzel
Oct 8, 2018

Katie Haines intern

By TTF Intern Katie Haines

My name is Katie Haines and I have just started my internship with TTF! I am a sophomore at Arcadia University, Majoring in Media and Communications. After graduation, I hope to become an environmental journalist.

I am from a very rural community that places a lot of focus on improving the land we live on and the products that are produced there (things like milk, produce, and livestock). There is a massive movement towards organics in everything from milk to beer to restaurant food. My experience working in these kinds of places has helped mold my career ambitions to focus on the environment and sustainability.

I have a passion for exploring new places around the world, which I have supplemented with a semester abroad in London (and more travels to come in the future). While there, I was able to explore a lot of urban initiatives for making cities more green, and that led me to TTF once I returned home.

At TTF, I will be using what I have learned about the environment in both a large city and a rural community to bring a unique voice to the watershed conversation. I’m excited to be a part of the team!

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