Say hi our new interns, Kaloni and Noah

Emilie Wetzel
Nov 1, 2018

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We’re excited to welcome two new interns this fall!

Kaloni Baylor studied Environmental Health and Biology at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Some of her favorite classes were Ecology, Botany and Water Quality.

Her involvement with water quality began in 2010. At West Chester University, Biology and Environmental 

Health courses gave her some understanding of natural systems and she hopes to learn more about the ecosystems of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.

Her experiences include: working as an intern in water quality and as a teacher/naturalist with Delaware Nature Society. In her spare time Kaloni writes and plays music. She enjoys bike riding and doing basic bike repairs. She would like to learn more about horticulture and gardening.

She is excited to be interning for TTF watershed and would like to do research relating to its overall health. She’s impressed with its community involvement and is happy to start working with TTF.

Hi, my name is Noah Berkowitz, and I am a freshman at Arcadia University studying Politics, Government, and Law. After graduation I hope to work in the field of environmental law, either working in policy or in communities.

At Abington Senior High School, I first got connected with TTF through our school’s H2O for Life program. The H2O club introduced me to the ways that water and environmental issues can radically shape the lives of people, and how access to clean water is not a guarantee for many people. Our club sponsor made sure that we were connected with both the global south communities that we fundraised for, and the local issues that impact us directly. This was how I first heard of TTF, as they hosted an informational session at the Walk for Water in Alverthorpe Park.

Learning about Environmental Science, Ecology, and how human actions can change the environment one way or the other has made me passionate about changing political systems and creating better mechanisms for people who are negatively impacted by the changes to get the resources they need.

At TTF, I hope to learn more about the ways that the city of Philadelphia is adapting to be more ecologically conscious. In high school I learned a little about the Water Department’s plan to create greener stormwater infrastructure, and I would like to hear more about how communities have been changed by these projects. Personally, I hope that interning at TTF will be an experience that will empower me to work in organizations that work between the environment and the political bodies that have to be mindful of it. I am eager to start.

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