TTF’s Favorite 2018 Moments & New Year’s Resolutions

Emilie Wetzel
Jan 7, 2019


We asked the TTF staff about their favorite moments of 2018 and their resolutions for 2019. Enjoy! Be Inspired! Join Us!


My favorite moment of 2018 was during our Tacony Creek Park movie night. It was a beautiful night and dozens of families were out watching Wall-E on the grass. The entire time a small crowd of kids were continuously playing at the CreekMobile, fishing out trash and learning about the fish and wildlife within the lit up creek diorama. What a fun night!

My 2019 resolution is to collect more terrific Tacony Creek Park stories for our growing Oral History collection! We really want to hear stories from the full spectrum of park neighbors, their favorite memories, how the park has changed, and their dreams for the park’s future.


My favorite moment of 2018 was walking the trails of Tacony Creek Park on a biweekly basis with a motivated group of community members for WeWalk PHL. The ability to advocate for our personal well-being, share stories, and encourage a supportive space has been one of a kind.


My 2019 New Year’s Resolution is to keep forming new connections with organizations in our watershed and to build more relationships with community members, informing them of Tacony Creek Park, and all of the programs that we offer. May we all continue to grow together with intentional care, passion, open-minds, listening ears and patience!


My favorite 2018 moment was during one of our morning Nature’s Hidden Surprises walk with educator, Judith Gratz in Tacony Creek Park where we learned about different pollinators: insects, bees and butterflies.
We went to the meadow area with butterfly nets to gently scoop and catch pollinators in the flowers and grasses. We had to identify what we found by using field guides, but it was very hard to find an exact match, so instead we used the I-Naturalist App that allowed us to easily take a picture and find the name of the insect. The highlight was near the end when Joe, one of the participants who had just learned about the app, pointed at a new insect he spotted on a leaf and shouted: “I-Naturalist that!”
My 2019 New Year’s Resolution is to create more opportunities for everyone to come out and learn, and get excited about all the natural wildlife we have all around us, just like Joe and all those who have walked with us in the park.



My favorite moment with TTF this year has been planning events and being able to see the outcome when the time comes. It means a lot to me personally to be a part of bringing these types of changes to the community and impacting it in a positive way, but most importantly showing the youth that you can be the change you want to see in your life.

My 2019 resolution will be to keep growing and learning to the best of my abilities.


I often feel about our watershed the way I feel about my two children: I have no favorites, I love them both the same amount, even though they are SO different. When I think about our 30 square mile watershed, I love both the upstream and downstream communities the same amount, even though they are SO different, too!
I worry all the time about whether we are paying an equal amount of attention to both of these areas. Our entire watershed is home to impaired waterways.
My favorite thing for 2018 is that we did a lot all across our watershed — storm drain marking and bioblitzes are just two examples of last year’s community engagement initiatives — to connect people to their creeks. People across our neighborhoods care about having clean creeks in which to explore and clean water to drink.


My resolution for 2019 is to spend more time listening…to the sound of water in our creeks and the Delaware River…and to the voices of our volunteers, constituents, and stakeholders.


My favorite moment of 2018 was hosting our annual Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony & Reception. It’s always so inspiring to hear stories about the stewards and educators within the TTF Watershed. Plus, it’s a great celebration to boot!

My resolution for 2019 is to continue to grow and improve our internship program.


My favorite moment of 2018 was finding an American eel in the Jenkintown Creek while I was out performing maintenance work at our rain garden in Ethel Jordan Park. It was really exciting to see this creature so far upstream along with a host of other wildlife surrounding the creek.

In 2019, I want to spend more time enjoying the beauty of our upstream communities, as well as sharing that beauty with everyone else!


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