Abington Friends School Senior Shares Capstone Experience

Julie Slavet
Jun 3, 2019

Will Steinberg 600 px 2 intern

We were delighted to host Will for his Capstone project. Here are his thoughts on his time with us. We are so happy that he will continue to spread the word about the importance of environmental stewardship.  

My name is Will Steinberg, and I am a senior at Abington Friends School (AFS). Next year I will continue my education by going to Syracuse University to study communications. Ever since I remember, I have always enjoyed just going outside especially when my friends and I would go to the small creek behind our neighborhood. I have always enjoyed spending time outside, and playing different sports.

I found TTF through my high school, and specifically through the help of my school’s experiential learning director and president of the board of directors for TTF. Throughout my life at AFS I have always seen and from time to time, especially in science classes, helped TTF volunteers and employees with the work they do on the Jenkintown Creek on AFS’s campus.

AFS has always been a big supporter in fighting for the environment, and I feel that the work that they do has helped prepare me for where I am now. In my senior year, with the guidance of Rosanne Mistretta I was able to find an opportunity to work with TTF for my senior capstone. This senior capstone allows seniors at AFS to find an internship, do a creative project, or participate in a service project.

Working alongside Ryan Neuman, TTF’s Upstream Conservation Leader, has given me the tools that I believe everyone should know, whether its how to tell if a creek is polluted, realizing the impact of projects on land on a watershed, how important it is to have volunteers who work with groups like TTF, or something as simple as spotting poison ivy or 7 minute itch, which really just burns for a long time.

I hope that with my work with TTF was helpful, and hope to inspire others to volunteer as well.

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