Meet Our New Intern: Trae Jordan!

TTF Admin
Jun 17, 2020


I’m Trae and I’m thrilled to be working with TTF Watershed Partnership this summer as an intern. I am originally from Birmingham, AL, but I spent most of my formative years in a town called Apple Valley, CA, about an hour and a half east of Los Angeles. I moved to Philadelphia to attend school at the University of Pennsylvania and I quickly grew to love the city life.

At the University of Penn, I am pursuing two degrees: a B.S. in Economics and a Master of City Planning. My academic pursuits have allowed me to gain a better understanding of how urban areas thrive and decline and the policies that can be implemented for the benefit of the community members.

In addition to my love for the city life, I also crave a connection to nature and the great outdoors. This is in part what led me to work with TTF Watershed Partnership, given their focus on public access to green space and protecting our watersheds. In fact, I love the outdoors so much that this summer I am on a cross country road trip in addition to my internship. Thank goodness I am able to work remotely!

My partner and I are experiencing the beauty that the western states have to offer. We are looking forward to the red deserts of Southern Utah, the soaring peaks in Idaho and Wyoming, Montana’s big sky country, the lush green of the Pacific Northwest, and, of course, the beaches of my home state, California. All of this at safe and appropriate social distances, of course.

My intersecting love for the city and for nature is apparent in my work with TTF Watershed Partnership. This summer I will be working on a team developing a new Master Plan for Tacony Creek Park. I am excited to share my expertise and looking forward to learning from some amazing team members as we work to bring the city and nature together.

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