Bringing Tree Tender skills to our TTF watershed!

Doryán De Angel
Aug 14, 2020

Tree Philly

Six of TTF’s volunteer stewards and staff became Tree Tenders* this past May, participating in the course presented by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). We were proud to support them in this effort! We look forward to the time when they will share their new skills and knowledge, planting and caring for trees in Tacony Creek Park, along creeks, and on their own blocks across our watershed.

*PHS has trained more than 5,000 people!

Becoming a Tree Tender is all about knowing not only how to plant trees, but how to take care of them so that they grow to be tall and healthy.

This training course covers topics such as tree biology and identification, how to tell if a tree is experiencing stress and how to problem-solve the symptoms, and how to properly prune a tree without causing harm to its branches and trunk. 

The needs of a tree are not so different from ours: food, water, and a place to call home. However, not all trees are created equal. Some need more water, while others grow really tall and need more space to grow. 

Did You Know? There are two special things about trees that are important for our survival: Trees have the ability to produce their own food from the energy of the sun, and provide a variety of fruits that benefit our growth. But most importantly, they manage polluted runoff and help keep our creeks healthier while also providing oxygen for the air we breathe.

So next time you see a tree, remember to say…Thank You…and if you can, give it a hug too!

Thank you to: Doryán De Angel, Gwen Espinosa, Andrew Gale, Bethany Harvey, Tim Johnston, and Migdalia Rosado for becoming Tree Tenders!

If you’re interested in becoming a Tree Tender, you can participate in the Online Course coming up. If you live in our watershed, contact us and we can help pay for the course!

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