First Tacony Creek Park Run with Me Intern

Julie Slavet
Dec 6, 2020

Sofia Raif 1

Blog by Sophia Raif, Run With Me intern. Sophia recently turned 17.

This past summer I had the privilege of being a TTF “run with me” intern. It was my first paid job, and so special because it wasn’t the kind of first job I was expecting. I thought I’d be getting my first job in a fast-food restaurant or something. Instead, I got to spend time running outside on my neighborhood nature trail with other people! Spending time doing what I love!

Over the summer I was amazed by the diversity of reasons people were out on the trail.  My job was to talk to people that I met on the trail and pass out maps and other trail information.

I met walkers, birders, bikers, and other runners like me. I met big dogs and little dogs out for walks. There was the older gentleman faithfully out there doing his early morning tai chi. There were little kids making chalk art or learning to ride bikes. There were people fishing or just looking for a quiet place to sit and think. Each had a reason they were personally excited about the trail. It made me want to try to keep the park free of visitors up to no good, and the crazy ATVs that occasionally come flying through.

This is what TTF has been trying to do for a while. When we use the park for good things and enjoy the nature hidden in the city, it discourages others who might be up to no good from hanging around or dumping trash along the creek. By getting out on the trail you are supporting TTF! And why wouldn’t you want to get out on the trail? It is a special area of nature right here in the middle of the city, nature created by God! Let’s go enjoy it and spend time doing what we love!

TTF’s fitness and nature programs are cancelled until January 1st, due to Covid. Please check in next year for program updates.

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