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Julie Slavet
Dec 10, 2020

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By Nathan McWilliams, Philadelphia Stewardship Manager

Last month, Ryan Neuman, Upstream Conservation Leader, conducted a hands-on Pollinator Box workshop at Friends Hospital with help from the PowerCorpsPHL work crew assigned to Tacony Creek Park. Alongside TTF staff, the crew crafted 8 pollinator boxes that will find homes throughout the Park or at a nearby creekside project in the spring.

We started by cutting down 15 bamboo stalks. Then we cut the stalks into smaller pieces to fit into the pollinator boxes. We explained to the crew the importance of pollinator boxes and how these can save certain bee species. Pollinator boxes play a vital role when it comes to species diversity in both plants and animals, as well as in the pollination process.

The pollinator box is placed in a carefully selected area with mild sun coverage (i.e. a garden or a small meadow).

They can range in both size and shape and are usually filled with cut bamboo and small pieces of wood with drilled holes, to create a condition similar to what a nesting bee would call a home.


The native nesting bee or wasp will lay its eggs in the holes, and help to raise the next generation of bees. In exchange, these non-aggressive bees get a protected home and your garden reaps the benefits. This activity is a fun Do It Yourself project for all ages. The boxes can be painted to your liking.

Be on the lookout for these unique colorful boxes the next time you’re in Tacony Creek Park or at a TTF restoration site along the Jenkintown Creek. Thank you to PowerCorpsPHL for working with us on this sustainability project!

Click here for more photos.

More information (including How To resources) on pollinator hotels here.

Contact Ryan@ttfwatershed.org for pollinator hotel questions.

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