Meet Our New Intern: Riley!

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Mar 1, 2021

Riley Britt, intern spring 2021 Arcadia student

My name is Riley Britt, and I’m so excited to be an intern at TTF this spring! I’m from Philadelphia and I’m currently a junior at Arcadia University. I am currently majoring in Illustration and minoring in both art history and biology. When it comes to the biology aspect of my degree I am very interested in environmental science and conservation. 

At my former highschool, Nazareth Academy, I helped start and was a part of our environmental science club, I even designed our logo! We held fundraisers throughout to purchase rain barrels as well as cleaner and more efficient water fountains for the school.  We also orchestrated bi-annual clean ups of the creek behind the school, all the club members and several volunteers would clean all of the accumulated litter for several hours after school. When looking for internships this year I remembered those experiences and decided that I would love to be involved with TTF.

In my free time I enjoy going on nature walks to nearby parks such as Pennypack and taking trips to Ringing Rock in Upper Black Eddy to go hiking. I enjoy going to a local farm in the warmer seasons to pick my own fruits and vegetables and take nature photographs. As an illustration major I also have a strong love of art and spend much of my time drawing and working on projects, I run several social media accounts dedicated to my art. As for goals for the future, I’d love to do freelance art and studio work, my goal is to make my own graphic novels someday and find work in character design for shows and films. I would also love to work in or volunteer with park services, I have several family members who are park rangers themselves. 

During my time with TFF I am hoping to learn how an organization is run, as well as gain experience so that I can sometime get involved with similar organizations as well! I am also hoping to learn more about helping the environment and improving our community.

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