Meet Jamilee, TTF’s new Communications Specialist!

Jamilee Hoffman
Jun 7, 2021

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Hello, I’m Jamilee Hoffman. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be TTF’s Communications Specialist! I’m a recent 2020 graduate of Kutztown University (KU). I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and graduated summa cum laude with minors in Digital Communication & New Media, Professional Writing, Public Relations, Social Media Theory/Strategy, and Music History.

I enjoy being able to share important missions of organizations that improve the wellbeing of a community along with spreading awareness on important societal topics such as climate change, improving the environment, mental health, and equal rights. I began my experience in communications as a Social Media Manager at the nonprofit program, Writing Wrongs, which is based in Reading, PA. This program highlights the inequalities in society through journalism projects that are produced by college students. I’m so incredibly grateful to support another great cause by helping promote TTF’s messages of making a difference in our parks and environment and educating about clean and healthy watersheds.

A little bit about me: I began dancing ballet at Delaware Valley Dance Academy when I was 3 or 4 years old. I was lucky enough to be given roles such as Clara (and a Lead Angel) in The Nutcracker, an Ugly Duckling in Evening by the Lake, and a Lead Sand Fairy in Hansel & Gretel. During my time at KU, I was blessed with the chance to choreograph five pieces in the dance club, Performing Dance Portmanteau. If you are interested in seeing the performances of each dance, you can check them out on my LinkedIn page!

I’m proud of the dancing career I had and I hope to continue to stay active for the rest of my lifetime. Dancing and exercising have helped me release emotions and keep endorphins running through my body. Over the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine, I took many walks and began yoga sessions with a yoga app on my phone. I admire the Yoga with Jenna program that TTF does; by doing yoga in nature, it allows an even greater opportunity to stay connected and grounded with our own lives and the world. Being able to connect our bodies to nature is one of the best things we can do as humans. In the future, I hope to travel the world and see as many parks, natural landmarks, trails, and bodies of water as possible! 

I truly enjoy the beauty of our natural world — it’s so important to take care of it, especially with the danger of climate change closing in. There are so many small actions we can take to protect our environment and watersheds, even just by cleaning up our creeks and learning how they are affected by human actions. I’m so excited and grateful to be able to contribute to TTF’s mission of improving our waterways.

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