TTF Team Says Goodbye, 2021 and Hello, 2022!

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Jan 12, 2022

TTF at Discovery Center

2021 Favorites and Hopes for 2022 by the TTF Team

I think we all might know that the word “unprecedented” was one of the most used words of 2020 and 2021.

However, it is the perfect word to describe life for the past two years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite these ‘unprecedented’ times, TTF had a very successful 2021! Here’s our Board of Directors at our Fall meeting in Tacony Creek Park right near the Tabor Road and Olney Avenue gateway.

Our staff has worked tirelessly on various projects, events, and celebrations.  Here are TTF staff highlights of 2021 and goals for this year:

Doryán De Angel, Community Watershed Leader

“As I look back at 2021, one of my highlights was on Saturday, August 7 during the Sunrise Revival Walk in Tacony Creek Park

It was truly memorable to experience the surrounding trees and creek in such a unique way; heightened by the mindful practice of giving and receiving with kindness and patience, and reflecting on the moving stories and dances that connect us all. A gentle reminder to appreciate every moment and interaction, and to cherish precious memories. 

I look forward to the evolution of this program through the Olney Culture Lab’s “Olney Embrace Project,” and other collaborative events in the park. Gratefully, Doryán.” 

Jamilee Hoffman, Communications Specialist

“My highlight of 2021 was not only joining the TTF team, but learning so much about the TTF mission and the environment, and enjoying the concert at the Fall Festival!

In 2022, my goal is to improve brainstorming and planning skills, and I’d like to expand upon creating an educational voice and messaging in all of TTF’s media outlets.”

Ryan Neuman, Upstream Conservation Leader

“My highlight of 2021 was the Finding Frankford Tour series and seeing many of the same people at all of the tours as we explored the TTF watershed from its source down to the Delaware River!

In 2022 I hope to build off the success of our monthly cleanups in 2021 and have a total of 50 different volunteers at cleanups throughout the year.”

Alex Rosario, Philadelphia Stewardship Leader

“My highlight was Movie Night in Tacony Creek Park. It was great to give the community that experience in their own neighborhoods. A goal I have for this year is to build a community stewardship team to be more involved with projects in Tacony Creek Park.”

Julie Slavet, Executive Director

I especially enjoy the times when we get together as a team to reflect, plan, and also — have fun! I am proud of how we work together, sharing ideas, lessons, challenges, and of course our commitment to clean water and community. I loved our time at the Philadelphia Phillies game (fun) in July and our retreat at the inspiring Discovery Center (a wonderful place to host your retreat!) in August.

Of course, I have many goals for 2022! One key goal is to inspire staff, interns, and volunteers to discover and grow their secret power to change our world. Is it identifying birds? Writing a Letter to the Editor? Walking with neighbors? Finding life in your creek?

Emilie Wetzel, Development & Administration Manager

“My favorite highlight from 2021 was being able to celebrate six extraordinary honorees at our virtual 10th Watershed Milestones Awards Ceremony. It’s always so inspiring to hear about the contributions everyday people have made to improve our watershed! 

My goal for 2022 is to continue to find ways for TTF to stay organized in easier, more effective ways and to keep expanding our base of support.”

What are your favorite TTF memories from last year — and hopes for this year? Please share with us. We love to hear from all of you.

We have enjoyed all our 2021 events to engage the community and connect our neighbors to the watershed. We hope to see you out on the trails or at a TTF creek in this new year.

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