TTF welcomes our first Power Corps PHL Ranger Academy trainees!

Jamilee Hoffman
Apr 12, 2022

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TTF is excited to work with six PowerCorpsPHL Rangers during this Spring/Summer Ranger Academy training season. Please welcome brothers Miguel Cruz-Ortiz and Abdiel Cruz, our April trainees. Learn more about them below.

My name is Miguel. I am serving in PowerCorpsPHL, an affiliate of Americorps, under their Park Ranger program. I’ve enjoyed working in nature ever since I was young. I was always fascinated by water and open land; it brought bliss and peace to me mentally. Just being around PowerCorps, Parks & Recreation, Philadelphia Water, and TTF I’ve seen a lot that makes me want to continue being involved in this field. The more you go out, you tend to make connections you would’ve never known you can make.

I am very excited to keep expanding my growth within this type of work, learning the ins and outs of the park system, and finding ways to make parks better for not only the community but also for the animals that call the park home.

This is just the beginning of my journey and I will take all that I learn from PowerCorps and other programs to shape my future.

My name is Abdiel, and I am working alongside TTF through the PowerCorps Ranger program.

The reason why I joined this program is that throughout my life, I’ve loved being around nature and always wanted to help it. Being in PowerCorps has helped me build communication skills and overcome my fears of being in a working environment. I hope through this program and working with TFF, I will be one step closer to becoming an environmental biologist.

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