Tacony Creek Park Keepers Website Available in Seven Languages

Jamilee Hoffman
Mar 29, 2024

TCP Maps in 7 Languages

             For Immediate Release
                  March 29, 2024

Julie Slavet, Executive Director
Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership
julie@ttfwatershed.org  215-744-1853

Tacony Creek Park Keepers Website Available in Seven Languages

Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF) is proud to announce that the website for Tacony Creek Park is now available in seven languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Haitian Creole, Arabic, and Khmer. These are among the languages spoken the most by residents living in the neighborhoods surrounding Philadelphia’s 300-acre watershed park created in 1915 to protect Tacony Creek.

Multilingual postcards were mailed to 43,000 residents surrounding Tacony Creek Park, to guide neighbors to TCPKeepers.org to find information about the park in their spoken language. 

Tacony Creek Park (TCP), featuring streamside and woodland habitat, a 3.2-mile paved Circuit Trail, and ten neighborhood gateways in lower Northeast Philadelphia, is the major park for almost 200,000 neighbors in Olney, East Oak Lane, Lawncrest, Feltonville, Frankford, and Juniata Park. The park faces serious challenges including limited maintenance and amenities, yet serves as a cherished and critical green space for its diverse communities.

Working with neighbors, partners, and stakeholders, TTF improves, and brings resources and programs to Tacony Creek Park. The park needs lots of love and attention! Community members visit and enjoy the park independently, with families and friends, and through organized TTF and partner-sponsored programs and events. The ideas and energy shared by community members are the basis for programs, many led by community members. Cleanups, plantings, and improvement projects are made possible through the collaboration of TTF, Tacony Creek Park Keepers, and many partners, particularly the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Water departments. 

Maps in the seven languages are available on the Tacony Creek Park website. For physical copies, call 215-744-1853 or get a map at free weekly programs including Walk with Me, Run with Me, Creek Care Days, or our upcoming Birds of a Feather. An interactive map of the park with gateways is also available on TCPKeepers.org

The website and map were made possible with support of the William Penn Foundation and a grant through the Alliance for Watershed Education. Follow TTF on social media @TTFWatershed and Tacony Creek Park news on Facebook at @TCPKeepers.

About the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF)
TTF connects watershed residents to their creeks. Through hands-on education, stewardship, restoration, and advocacy, TTF empowers watershed constituents to take care of and improve the impaired waterways, parks, and trails across its 30 square miles. TTF uses many tools to share a love for water and nature with people of all ages and to show how we can all make a difference. In Philadelphia, working with the Parks & Recreation and Water departments, we focus on Tacony Creek Park, collaborating with neighbors to discover this historic urban watershed park, trail, and creek through creative engagement efforts, such as art, oral history, photography, and music projects; improvement programs such as plantings and cleanups, and activities including regular health and nature walks, and festivals and block parties. 


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