Stream Restoration

Over many years, erosion from flooding scoured a deep pool at the north side of the bridge where Adams Avenue crosses the creek. This pool has become a popular swimming hole for local residents despite posted signs warning that swimming is dangerous and forbidden here. During rainy weather, combined sewer outfalls discharge sewage and other pollutants into the creek just upstream of the pool making this location especially hazardous to the health of swimmers. Nonetheless, on warm days whole families including infants and toddlers can be seen frolicking in the polluted waters.

In April of 2008, the Philadelphia Water Department’s Waterways Restoration Team placed over 1000 tons of rock in the pool, restoring it to its natural state, a shallow riffle. The hazardous plunge pool no longer exists and fish have been observed moving upstream and downstream through the restored area.


  • Restoration of natural habitat
  • Human safety
  • Erosion control
  • Enhanced water quality