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Rain Barrels

Rain barrels store rainwater where it falls and hold it so that it can be released in drier weather. This helps prevent sewer systems from overflowing and polluting our waterways. The stored water can then be used to water gardens and lawns or to wash patio furniture and cars.

For Philadelphia Residents:

The Philadelphia Water Department and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) are providing rain barrels to residents of Philadelphia’s watersheds free of charge, in order to reduce stormwater flows to our sewer system and creeks.

For Montgomery County Residents:

TTF hosts free rain barrel workshops — check our Upcoming Events calendar for the next one. You can purchase your own Camel’s Hump rain barrel from us here.

You can also buy a rain barrel from the Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC).

Contact us at 215.744.1853 or  for more information!


Trees bring benefits to the community including shade, increased property values and peace of mind. The area covered by their long leafy branches can protect our watershed and its inhabitants by cleaning the air and water, reducing flooding and energy usage, and moderating temperatures.


Pennsylvania Horticultural Society: Tree Tenders

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation: TreePhilly 

Native Plants

If you live by a creek, plant a buffer of native plants that clean and slow rainwater before it reaches the creek! Read about our Backyards with Benefits program.

Native Plant Resources:

Native Plant Society of New Jersey

Pennsylvania Native Plant Society