6200 Clearview Street
Philadelphia, PA 19138

Revitalization Project

From the outside, Clearview Street is just your average block of Philadelphia row homes, but delving deeper, one finds a closely-knit block of dedicated and motivated residents interested in cleaning, greening and beautifying. That is why Clearview Street waschosen by TTF, the Ogontz Ave Revitalization Corporation (OARC) and the Philadelphia Water Department to be a “model block.”

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, OARC and TTF hosted a block party where we provided 23 Clearview Street families with green upgrades on their properties. Upgrades included CFL bulbs, water aerators, recycling bins and rain barrels. The entire community came out to interact with environmental educators, vendors and community leaders during our fun filled day of learning, food, music, presentations, tours and much more!

Leading up to this event, TTF hosted several events, including two neighborhood clean-ups where activities included: porch painting, trash removal, illegal dumping prevention and much more! TTF also hosted a container gardening workshop, highlighting the importance of plants, trees and rain barrels for managing stormwater. Clearview Street residents who attended this workshop assembled their own potted plants, with plants, pots and soil donated by area nurseries.

This Clearview Street revitalization complements the work being done at the end of the block through our Vacant Lot Transformation project.