Greenway Plan

Frankford Creek was once the location of an industrial-age boom that supported early development of neighborhoods along its banks. The creek was a solid contribution to Philadelphia’s designation as “Workshop of the World.” Over time, the creek experienced considerable environmental degradation. The goal of the Frankford Creek Greenway project is to create a destination along Frankford Creek through a celebration of the water environment, a realization of economic opportunities, and an affirmation of community culture and history.

The proposed greenway links existing open space in Montgomery County Tookany Creek Park to Philadelphia County Tacony Creek Park and ultimately connects to the North Delaware Riverfront Greenway and the East Coast Greenway. The greenway as a stream bufer will aid fluvial geomorphological restoration of the creek by improving aquatic habitat, reducing the impact of urbanized flow and enhancing community quality of life.


  • Combined sewer overflow reduction
  • Non-point source pollution control
  • Restoration of natural habitat
  • Environmental education opportunities
  • Stormwater best management demonstration