In response to the declining tree population in regions of Philadelphia and a growing demand for street trees, TTF created the Wingohocking Tree Tenders Group. Now known as the Germantown Tree Tenders, the group works to educate residents on the benefits of trees in urban areas, plans and implements new tree plantings, and helps to care for existing trees. This is a fun and exciting group of people who are focused on beautifying the watershed!

The Tree Tenders Training is offered through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and includes tree biology, urban stresses on trees, tree identification, basic pruning and root care, tree planting, community organizing and access to a network of highly motivated and dedicated tree lovers.

The Germantown Tree Tenders have planted 65 trees to date and is looking forward to planting a tree at YOUR house! We are looking for more members! Please contact to get involved.

Spring '11 Tree Tender Planting 4
Volunteers plant trees on Rittenhouse Street in Germantown

TTF plants trees through the Tree Tenders program in Germantown south of East Gorgas Lane and Stenton Avenue, north of the Wissahickon Avenue, and east from Germantown Avenue to West Apsley Street. To find out if we work in your neighborhood, please see the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders’ map here.

Learn more about our work with trees here.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
Ryan Schuman

For more information, contact:
Abby Grosslein, Tree Campaign Organizer