Over the last several years, in partnership with swimmer/activist Christopher Swain and Cedarbrook Middle School, TTF’s Ethical Electronics Recycling Events have diverted nearly 50,000 pounds of electronic waste from domestic landfills, municipal incinerators, and dumps in the developing world. Our drives ensure that electronics are safely recycled so that they don’t end up on a curb or in a landfill where they will leach toxic chemicals and heavy metals into nearby waterways. TTF hosts only Ethical Electronics Recycling Events: events that meet the highest and most comprehensive international standards, as enumerated in the Electronic Waste Code of Ethics. In December 2010, TTF became the first organization in the world to officially adopt the Electronic Waste Code of Ethics.



1. SECURE TRANSPORT TO SECURE FACILITIES: All items enjoy secure, carbon-neutral to our ethical recycling partners.
2. TRIAGE/WIPE: Items are sorted by type; all items containing personal data are wiped clean.
3. RE-USE: Selected items are refurbished and distributed to new owners.
4. REPAIR: Repair-able items are repaired and distributed to new owners.
5. SALVAGE: Spare parts are salvaged from items that are beyond repair.
6. ETHICAL RECYCLING: Remaining items are recycled by carefully-vetted North American operations that process materials in accordance with the highest international standards (e-Stewards certified by www.ban.org).

Read our Ethical Electronics Frequently Asked Questions Document! [.pdf]



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