Order a Rain Barrel

Order a rain barrel today! 

Why do we sell rain barrels? Rain barrels store rain and hold it to be released during drier weather. They help keep our creeks cleaner by reducing runoff and demand on our stormwater systems during storms. You can use the captured water to water your garden and wash your car, saving you money in the long run! 

We order rain barrels from Camel’s Hump, made from recycled food grade barrels that measure 1 meter in height by ½ meter in circumference. Once you place your order, our Upstream Conservation Leader will be in touch to coordinate a delivery of the barrel. 


Questions? Contact Ryan Neuman, Upstream Conservation Leader (email: ryan@ttfwatershed.org, phone: 215.744.1853).

a woman and 2 men with a rain barrel
This map shows properties with TTF rain barrels:

Order a Rain Barrel

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